Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Party

The Princess is all about masquerading this year and a costume is not just a costume but a disguise.
She is being disguised a pretty little peacock.. again. I wanted to fancy it up a little more than her birthday. The extra feathers came just in time for me to adhere them to the Princess's ensemble right before the big party. I had not started the Pea's outfit at all and was a bit in a hurry. Affixing the feathers so quickly left me with only one severe burn this time around.
Then I turned my attention for the 100th time that morning to the Pea. What should he be, oh, what should he be? I had purchased a get up of their favorite pooch, the Scoobs, but it really didn't seem just right. I thought I should at least busy myself instead of standing still, so I looked for the peacock gift bags leftover from the Princess's birthday party. That's when I saw a very cute pair of socks that I couldn't wait to put on the Pea's piggies. I found some other goodies, too.
Did you know that, at bedtime, we often have a little snack? We might eat berries or dried cereals. We don't mean to eat them in a hurry but it's hard to read aloud with a mouth full of grapes. Even though it's an awful good time stuffing our faces, the Princess and I are anxious to read. But too much of a good thing is never enough for the Pea. As we started to read, he yells "cheeseburger, popcorn, juice". To say the least, this disguise is not hardly a disguise at all.
At first, I made his hat from an old cap but it was too small. Then I made it from felt. It was too itchy. Then I cut up one of his t-shirts and that one was just right. Very Hungry Caterpillars also eat boogers. I purchased the shirt and pants believing that it could be so versatile but I had not thought of this at the time. I thought, well, he could be a frog and showcase his hopping skills. (That's actually all of the thought that I put into that.) It would so make a great Brobee costume and they have crocheted hats at Party City. And best of all, he could be Freddy Kruger. I will store those ideas away for now. Today, he is the very cute and hungry little... 
At the party, there was a magic show. The Pea immediately recognized the magician from Umi Zoomi and went to greet him. Instead of thinking the Pea rude, the magician made him part of the show.
We played games, danced and laughed with our friends from work and school. The Pea kept eating his prizes.
The Princess received many compliments on her disguise. So did the Pea! Who knew that we were so original. So we went to a costume contest that just happened to have our fave... froyo.
When we got home we had a supper of rice, broccoli and chicken. But unfortunately, so much sugar had already stirred up trouble in the Pea's stomach and all of it's keeps came flying out with some serious projectile. The Princess was troubled by my soiled clothes. A hot bath for all, movies and cuddles squared the night away.